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As a homeowner or business owner, it’s up to you to keep your environment free from mold. That also means keeping it free from water damage. We advise routine inspections for potential leaks. If you notice water damage or moldy odors, then pick up the phone and contact our main office. We will come to visit your home or building to help identify any possible problems.

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The Best Mold Removal And Water Damage Restoration Service Providers In Eugene, OR

It doesn’t take long for a small drip to become a damp surface. And it only takes 1 to 2 days for mold colonies to begin growing on the damp surface. Water damage restoration and mold removal often go hand-in-hand. That’s why our company offers the best of both services in Eugene, Oregon.


We provide scheduled and emergency water damage restoration services around the clock. Our company and our technicians have been in the industry long enough to have experienced every type of damage imaginable. We may not have to worry about category five hurricanes in Eugene, Oregon, but that doesn’t mean our experts couldn’t restore the damage if we did.

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Providing An Important Service In Eugene Oregon

In Oregon, we’re more likely to experience water damage caused by tornadoes and severe storms. But not every flooded room or mold colony is caused by severe weather. Serious damage to a home can start with something as simple as a frozen pipe or small leak behind a wall.


It’s easy to overlook a minor drip beneath the sink. It’s a lot more difficult to overlook the colony of mold that spreads beneath the cabinets and floorboards. If you notice a source of water damage in your home you should contact a water damage restoration service as soon as possible. A few weeks can turn a minor replacement into a major restoration project.


We’ll respond no matter how big or small. We are locally owned and love our community. Our goal is to continue providing the best mold removal and water damage restoration services possible. Not only here in our own town but throughout all of Oregon.

Mold Services That We Provide

There’s no job too big or small!

water damage & mold removal service in eugene or

water damage restoration

Water damage can have a significant impact on the property's structural integrity. This includes flooring, walls, and other related elements.

mold remediation company in eugene or

Mold Remediation

Mold can develop rapidly in the right conditions. Whether the excess moisture is the result of a storm, roof leak, or even a malfunctioning plumbing system; you need to resolve it as soon as possible.

fire & smoke damage restoration service in eugene or

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Extinguishing a fire is only step one is a long list of restoration requirements including dealing with the aftermath of a fire. This is why choosing a trusted fire damage restoration service is essential.

storm & flood damage restoration company in eugene or

Storm & Flooding Damage Restoration

We take pride in being locally owned and operated. This allows us to respond to any emergency quickly and efficiently.

commercial roofing in Eugene, OR

Commercial Restoration

Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost productivity and revenue. Rely on professionals when fire or water damage strikes your workplace.

mold removal in eugene or

Odor Removal

Strong odors can have a profound impact on a property. It's essential to make sure measures are taken to get rid of the stench before it spreads.

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mold remediation company in eugene or

How Does Mold Removal Happen?

Every so often, we ignore those small water problems for too long and a mold outbreak occurs. Or we may move into a new home with an existing mold problem. Whatever the source, it becomes immediately important that you hire mold removal experts. Each home and mold outbreak is a little different, but here’s an example of what often happens during the mold removal process.

1. Assessment And Preparation


This is a necessary first step with every source of mold. Our goal here is to identify the type of mold, the full extent of the growth, and the source of the water. We can only formulate an efficient plan of attack once we have this information. Without addressing these three specific problems the mold will most likely return in the near future.


In some situations, preparation will require completely sealing the area immediately affected by the mold growth. This makes it possible to safely spray chemicals and to prevent the further spread of mole spores through the air. The designated area will be sealed with plastic and the inside air will be constantly filtered to kill airborne particles.


Preparation also includes safety for our technicians. They are suited-up with the best safety gear in the industry and understand all applicable safety regulations. We are proud to employ the best restoration experts in Oregon.


2. Eliminate The Source Of Water


Where there’s mold there’s water. Leaks may be hidden in walls or tucked away beneath the floor. We use a combination of experience and technology to find those sneaky leaks. The source of water needs to be fixed before we can begin restoring the areas damaged by water and eliminating all of the mold (often simultaneously).


3. Remove Water Damaged Materials


Our highly-trained contractors begin quickly and carefully removing the water-damaged materials. This often includes sheetrock, plywood, insulation, carpeting, and lumber. It most likely that the majority of the mold growth will be located directly on these water-damaged materials. Porous materials like concrete can also hold water and mold growth without displaying signs of water damage.


The removal and disposal of these materials must be handled very carefully. You should only ever trust the most knowledgeable experts in the business. Mishandling of water-damaged materials could lead to accidental growth in extra areas of the home that were originally safe. Avoid this risk altogether by relying on us.


This can be the most time consuming and costly part of the process. There should be no visible signs of water damage or mold remaining before cleaning and repairs are made. The smallest contaminants could lead to a resurgence in the future.


4. Clean The Rest


Non-porous materials that are not heavily damaged by the water can be cleaned without disposal. The mold can only grow on the surface of these materials and is thus much easier to control. Commercial products are used to completely eliminate any mold growth on the surface. Cleaning products are used to restore them to their previous appearance.


It’s important that high-quality HEPA air filters are used during this time. Cleaning the mold and removing materials can cause spores to break free into the air. Low-quality filters may not be able to capture these particles before they leave the containment area. Never trust a mold removal company that doesn’t rely on the best air-filters in the industry.


5. Repair And Replace


Finally, we help repair and replace all areas where building materials were removed. Whether it’s flooring or framing; we work with specialized contractors who are excellent at what the do. By the time the entire process is finished the room might look better than it did before.


Stay Alert For Water And Mold


As a homeowner or business owner, it’s up to you to keep your environment free from mold. That also means keeping it free from water damage. We advise routine inspections for potential leaks. If you notice water damage or moldy odors, then pick up the phone and contact our main office. We will come to visit your home or building to help identify any possible problems.


Don’t make the mistake of procrastinating as the problem grows and the mold spreads. You’ll save hours of work and hundreds of dollars by getting ahead of the problem and contacting our water damage restoration company as soon as possible.

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